Eras Lost

by Earthrise

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released June 19, 2012

all music and lyrics written and performed by earthrise, 2010-2012.
produced by adam tucker at signaturetone recording.
engineered by adam tucker and steve henningsgard at signaturetone recording.
mastered by doug van sloun at focus mastering.
artwork and layout by paul friemel.

the following individuals contributed additional guitar, vocals, or noise to these songs, and we are grateful for their help -- axel aguado, adam clemens, rocky de vries, jaime gonzales, steve henningsgard, dan kastner, sam lewis, will maravelas, pete noteboom, jim schloemer, and adam tucker.

we would like to thank our friends, families, and loved ones for their support.

mike britson // tom hillmann // jimmy neumann // andy rutledge



all rights reserved


Earthrise Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Track Name: Challenger Deep
one last breath
feel the earth
our eyes to the sky
one last glance

dive deep
a world never seen
untouched by man
we know not what you will encounter
our thoughts are with you
may you find resolution
the answer to this crisis
come back in one piece

what is this unspeakable chaos
that we have found
how did we never foresee this
so far underground

no way to contact
we are on our own

they will not know
the pain coming their way

pay no mind, our end has come
let them fend for themselves

the fault is their own
Track Name: Titan
what have you done
can you not see
this pain is unbearable
my knees buckle beneath me
yet it never ceases
never a fleeting thought
that this day would come
or that this burden could ever fall

do you truly believe you could be saved
i hold your existence in my hands
everything you once held so dear
will be no more, it will topple

fault lines like fractures in bones that break
the ground beneath your feet, can you feel it trembling,
i know you feel it

the magnitude of this has taken its toll
earth ruptures and swallows cities whole
water is surging, no taking to the high ground
for the mountains are stepping down

all is lost, we are forsaken
the end is fucking nigh

down on all fours, head to the ground
none of it matters now, we are no more

you can run from it
you can hide from it
you can pray
but you’ll die
Track Name: Suspension
astral suspension
invoking consciousness
somber reflection
urgent transformation

proclaim destination
exhausted instance
regulate singularity
Track Name: Former Worlds
former worlds
found parallel of the present
celestial bodies
separated by the opaque

never seen, must be revealed
cast aside by indulgence
a memory long forgotten
rediscovery is crucial

may brilliance guide to ascension
other ambition brings apathy
outer force yields no response
disregard opposing presence
find the optimal paradigm within

give rise to the prestigious
cast reality aside
draw vision of self-composition

unleash the being
bring forth the adept
conquer self-definition
Track Name: Polar Low
a sharp decrease
a steep decline
biting and burning
frozen firmly in time

paralyzed in the wake
bitter lungs gasping despair
all senses nulled
temperature is dropping, polar low

all signs of life erased in the white out
where currents fail to envelop
the frigid temperament pierces through

to bone it is chilling
to land it lays waste
spiraling, far reaching, all-encompassing

gnawing, biting, hacking, burning
destroyer, usurper, curse you

atmospheric collision
with calculated precision
frigid nature born of cataclysmic air
raining daggers unending white
cold runs deep to the core
blank tempest, invisible momentum
solidifying inclement bleak wintry bane
Track Name: Relentless
reserve apprehension of upheaval
reserve transcension of plane

relentless, ending light
Track Name: Mirovia
enveloping struggle of life
unavoidable clash of morality
universal conception gave forth
born of chaos, self-inflicted demise
land and water, forever in contention
dispute over shoreline seized by the tide

destruction by creation
deformity uplifting
floodgates breached with ease
bring forth the surge

oceanic transgression wrought collapse
offensive breach of regulation
abstracting past capacity
consumer consumed by the body
embracing apathy as if it were a virtue
arrogance of peripheral impact
ignorance shapes this inherent wrathful breaking
justice crashes down on insolent origin

abysmal fire bore the wave
Track Name: Eighteen Hundred
ominous black clouds are forming
not of the sky, exhaled from the deep
shrouding vision of the fire raging within

lost in a sea of darkness
seeping into every pore
breathe it in, this noxious bereavement

ash and smoke consuming from the inside out

piercing through the black
brimstone is raining
searing flesh, crushing bone
buildings tremble then topple
as the ascent once laid dormant, now shows its true face again

from the depths of the darkest reaches of the sea
a promise of subversion that will crash ferociously

impending ruination
approach brings increasing immensity
clouds of black, waves of white
compounding as one hellish plight

the tremors have spoken
the heat has engraved
the memory of existence
swept away by the unyielding

this darkness will not fade
the sun will not share its light again
the true nemesis revealed
corruption of oneself will consume
Track Name: Exhale
floating aimlessly through the expanse
no force to slow endless progress
miles away from a breath
the asphyxiating nothingness throttles
the magnificent light of the universe
slowly fades into shadow

weightless, atmospheric eviction
insides breaking free of their shell
essence escapes
air rushing forth from the wound
with hope following after

drowning on dry land
bodies rise from the ground
as the oceans flow upward in protest
with nothing to hold them down

all reason makes a departure, a reality once thought mundane
turned upside down in an instant, gravity absent to contain

screaming is futile, no means of transmission
rest assured this is only the beginning of the end

true nightmare come forth, conceal failure, erase atrocity
Track Name: Frame Dragging
now is the time of your reckoning
kneel before your fate, accept this
to be yours, to be mine, to be all of ours
the all-consuming void, relentless
beg, plead, grovel
you have no hope for survival

save us

just as we feared, the end is here

this pain is impossible
the infinite darkness
it crushes, it tears, it mangles
cry as you might
no one hears your sorrows
no one at all

devour me